Naro Eco Resort & Spa

Nestled in the lap of nature

“Naro Eco, the Ultimate Resort, It Just Can’t Get Better.”

Double Occupancy Cottage

1 King Bed

2 X Adult | 2 X Child

Mountain View

Free Breakfast for Two

Round the clock Wi-Fi

24 hours Electric Backup

24×7 running cold and hot water

₹2,800 ₹ 2,499/NIGHT

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Our friendly and professional staff will efficiently be at your service in the best discretionary manner to provide your comfortable staying .
Book your holiday or event with us – and check our special offers – to experience the very best our beautiful coast has to offer.
Our suites of great conference halls are both impressive and flexible. Superior interior design, the ambiance of natural sunlight, and great looking panoramas of the sea makes them a popular choice.

After a long wait when the country can finally take a deep breath and enjoy outings like before, albeit with restrictions, Naro Eco resort and spa welcomes you for a great stay.

Set amidst the picturesque Himalayan Mountains, surrounded by lush greenery, which is missing in today’s day-to-day living, the resort and spa have been designed in such a way that it offers all the ultra-modern facilities of high-end luxury hotel and spa, taking utmost care that the tourists are safe and secure by following strict social distancing measures.

Welcome to Naro Cafe - The Multi-Cuisine Family Restaurant

Welcome to Naro Cafe a multi-cuisine family restaurant at Naro Eco Resort and Spa. We have a hill view restaurant and an open-air restaurant to make our guests enjoy the beauty of the surrounding Himalayan hill, the river stream below, and the reserved forest on the other side while they feast on the delicacies prepared by our highly motivated star chefs. Our super chef is Mr. Sumer Panwar who was with a five-star hotel in Dubai before he returned to India on lockdown period. We serve both Veg and Non-veg in our restaurant. You are assured of the best delectable food from us at all times. 


For the convenience of our patrons in nearby locations, we have now opened online bookings for deliveries in a radius of 15 km from Naro Cafe. Now you can lick your fingers with our tasty food from the comfort of your home. Our delivery boy will serve you the food you order here in an hour. 




Destination Weddings, Birthdays, and Events Paradise ​

Bride and Groom Dance

Naro Eco Resort and Spa is the best budget resort in Dehradun region

Celebrate your precious moments with Naro Eco Resort and Spa: The resort with a difference. We at Naro Eco Resort and Spa ensure that your priceless memories stay with you forever by offering the best location, marvelous service, eco-friendly environment, and mouth-watering delicacies, all under one roof.

The Naro-Eco resort is the ultimate choice for those who want to rejoice in the festivities away from the hustle-bustle of the crowd as it lays comfortably in the lap of the Himalayas so far away from the hazardous pollution and chemical-laden edibles. Be it a picture-perfect choice for destination or location weddingspicture-postcard weddings, the Eco-wedding, or managing any event, we fulfill all your requirements with utmost love and care.

Why Celebrate with Naro Eco Resort and Spa?

Photogenic locations 

The serene and tranquil surroundings of the resort and the Himalayan backdrop make it an impeccable choice for the new generation gatherings and occasions. And what’s more? We are fully equipped with an expert and dedicated staff team to meet the nitty-gritty of your festivity. Surrounded by lush greenery, exquisite flavorful tea gardens and aromatic Basmati rice cultivation, our environment provides the best backdrop for your picture-perfect memories for a picture postcard wedding.

Say Cheese!  Photos and videos are the ultimate way to remember weddings and we at Naro Eco offer the best locations for that finest shot. Be it the sunset or the crisp sun rays, the vast open space, walkways and the garden of the Resort will attract you for a couple more selfies or even a big frame family photo.

Located on the Yamunotri Highway, Naro Eco Resort and Spa gives a splendid view of both the snow-capped mountains and adventurous riverside, what more could be added to the charm of your Destination wedding? Apart from the photoshoot, the entire arrangement of the event is flawlessly managed by our experienced and dedicated team  Just being 40 km away from the capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, our resort is easily accessible for the guests throughout the year.  The flora and fauna of the driveway and the beautiful atmosphere will rejuvenate the guests for the upcoming events at the Naro Eco Resort and Spa.

Overwhelming facilities

 All the guests approaching us for diverse events will be mesmerized by our prompt service and world-class lodging facilities. Our location has been designed to offer all the ultra-modern facilities of high-end luxury hotels and spa exclusively curated for our guests. Owing to the current pandemic situation, we offer cottage-style rooms equipped with all amenities as it is important for us for you to feel the warmth of togetherness during the celebrations yet be safe.

The eco-friendly resort and spa have independent cottage-style rooms offering modern amenities.

Naro Eco Resort and Spa includes:

  • 24 hours electricity backup
  • 24×7 running cold and hot water
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Uninterrupted Wi-Fi.

At Naro Eco, we have a plethora of options and unique ideas to make your big day even more enticing.  We highly recommend planning your celebrations in our beautiful lawn, however, if you wish to enjoy your own space, we even host a 40*40 ft hall to embrace all your gatherings and celebrations including all your pre-wedding functions, Kitty parties or conferences.

Though Naro Eco Resort and Spa can be reached by all modes of transportation, we have made it even more convenient with a large free parking slot, accommodating 50 plus cars at a time.

Experienced staff

Nothing can be overwhelming for the guests arriving for your special occasion than to be received by friendly and well-trained staff. We at Naro Eco Resort and Spa strictly believe in the concept of ‘Atithi Devo Bhavo’ and hence our team sincerely take care of every guest coming to accompany you in your big day celebration. Whatever be the event, our accomplished staff never fails to serve the guests with prompt service and  hospitality

Eco-friendly Environment

Once at Naro Eco Resort and Spa, we make sure that you are close to nature, and right from the food to the decorations everything strictly follows eco-friendly ways, making the resort a favorable venue for eco-weddings. It is important for us that you embrace happiness surrounded in a pleasant and beautiful environment.

Scrumptious Menu

Food has always been a major trump card in making any celebration a grand success.We at Naro Eco Resort and Spa, serve our guests with a long list of lip-smacking delicacies offering diversity in the cuisines based on our guests’ preferences, choices and culture. Naro Eco Resort and Spa also brings in the gastronomies from across the country to suit the palate of every Indian as well as foreign guests. Keeping in mind the wide range of cuisines, at Kabila restaurant under our roof offer North Indian, South Indian, Continental, and Chinese food prepared in the healthiest way possible.

Affordable and customizable celebrations

Yes, at Naro Eco we pledge to fulfill all your wishes on your special occasions in a pocket-friendly way. Tell us your dreams and sit back, and relax. We assure to put together a grand affair while you enjoy our hospitality.


Comfort, serenity and natural environment are perfectly combined at Naro Eco Resort and Spa, because we care about your well-being.



Name: Dwi Bujam

Feature : Good for joints & overall rejuvenation (from neck to toe)

Minutes: 45

Price: ₹999


"We believe we have covered everything for you."

Nature Walk

With the abundance of reserved forest cover nearby, one can go for a long walk along the forest and also inside for a walk to feel nature in its purest form. 

Spa & Wellness

Our masseurs are great in giving a healing touch to your tired limbs within minutes, what with with our long massages you will come out relaxed and rejuvenated to face the challaneges of your life again.


When you are in the Himalayas you tend to get the natural urge to experience the hills by going for a long walk or go for a trek, we have covered both for you, our location is such that you can choose either or both by staying in our resort. 


Organize your birthday celebrations, kitty parties, wedding, and special events, small and big ones with us.

We are in the News Channel.

Luxury Cottages.

We believe in functioning in harmony with nature. When that’s achieved, everything comes to its place – this is the least you’ll experience by staying here.

Best Food.

Naro Eco Resort and Spa has an organic vegetable garden where we grow organic vegetables to serve our customers in the purest form.

Quality Services.

One of the basic philosophy for any kind of holiday and pleasure is quality – every thing at Naro Eco Resort and Spa is set for your comfort, satisfaction and memorable experience. 

How To Reach Here

With just a 45 km drive from Dehradun, 100 kms from Haridwar, 90 kms from Rishikesh, and other important centers in Uttarakhand the visitors can easily reach the NARO resort and spa situated in the lap of Himalayas, Near Vikas Nagar, Uttarakhand. It is not only the easy accessibility but a driving experience while the visitors move towards the resort on the Yamunotri highway. The location and the route both boost of an amalgamation of snow-covered peaks during winters, thick forest cover, and a riverside drive, which instantly relieves all the stress and relaxes the mind of the visitors. The huge open space available with the resort has added another feather in its cap, by offering leisurely long walks alongside the tributary to the river Yamuna, even if the visitors do not want to explore the nearby attractions, rather just enjoy the stay in the resort

Local attraction

Hanol, is almost 100 km away from Naro Eco Resort and Spa. The famous Mahasu Devta temple is on Mahasu brothers are the lords of Jaunsar – Bawar region. The four brothers are Bhotha Mahasu, Basik Mahasu, Chaldha Mahasu, and Pabasi Mahasu. It is believed in Jaunsar- Bawar region that all the gold, be it in any form is the property of the Mahasu deities, hence nobody in Jaunsar sells gold to this day, the belief system is so strong in the region, the erstwhile British rulers also had a tough time ruling there. Hanol is a loved spot for its biodiversity, as the location is still less explored by the tourists/pilgrims.

Mahasu Temple​

Must Visit

  • Temple  
  • to experience the real Jaunsari culture for all its uniqueness

Bhadraj Temple, a beautifully carved temple located in the Western Region of Mussoorie, dedicated to Lord Balrama, brother of  Lord Shri Krishna. From the Naro resort, one can reach the temple by car covering 20 km and by trekking a 7 km distance. Situated at the hilltop, the clean and peaceful atmosphere of the temple attracts tourists of all age groups. Seeking blessings here is considered similar to the visit to the Badrinath shrine.

Dakpathar Barrage is yet another tourist spot nearby Naro Eco Resort and Spa, approximately 8 km having a concrete barrage across the Yamuna river adjoining Dakpathar village, because of which Yamuna river is diverted towards Dhakrani and Dhalipur Hydroelectric Power Plants. One side of the bridge it is Uttarakhand and on another Himachal Pradesh.

Dakpathar Barrage​

  • One side is Uttarakhand, and on the other side is Himachal Pradesh

Rock Edict of
Emperor Ashoka​

  • Ancient inscriptions
  • Championing Vegetarianism 

Rock Edict of Emperor Ashoka, if you are truly interested in ancient inscriptions and history is your favorite topic then, NARO resort is the ideal destination for you, mere 6 km from the resort and tourists can reach the village Kalsi which has rock edicts from 1 to 14, written by Emperor Ashoka in 250 BCE discovered by Alexander Cunningham in 1850. The only emperor in the world to have made his country vegetarian. 

The temple is just 5 Kms. Away from Naro Eco Resort and Spa, the temple is in Tauli village, of Vikasnagar tehsil.

Bhadra Kali Temple
The temple is just 5 Kms. Away from Naro Eco Resort and Spa, the temple is on the Yamunotri highway.
History This temple came into prominence around four decades ago when a mere visit to the temple by the drivers and passengers of passing vehicles would avoid accidents, the ones who did not pay obeisance to the goddess would face her wrath, this made drivers from other religions started paying their respects in the temple to move forward to their destinations only after a stopover.

Bhadra Kali Temple


The Aasan Barrage​​


The Aasan Barrage boating and bird watching is yet another attraction for the tourists who will be staying at the eco-resort. At the distance of around 25 km from the resort, the barrage was created near Dhalipur village at the meeting point of two rivers, Aasan and Yamuna. This reservoir of approximately 4 square km has been named Dhalipur Lake and is a popular boating zone. But the lake is surely a treat for the bird watchers, as the lake attracts many endangered species of birds. The tourist spot is a popular halt for migratory birds from the trans-Himalayan region. Bird watchers can enjoy the view from October-November and again during late February-March. The barrage also promotes water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, skiing, boating, and rowing through the water sports resort developed by Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigama

The temple is just 5 Kms. Away from Naro Eco Resort and Spa, the temple is in Tauli village, of Vikasnagar tehsil.

There once was a farmer who used to till the land, he had a dream of Lord Shiva instructing him to find a Shiva Lingam in his land, the next day when he was tilling his land he found a stone, he became curious and started digging deep, to his surprise he found a Shiva Lingam, at first he thought of taking the idol home and worship, but as divine forces have it their way, the more he dug to take out the Shiva Lingam the deeper it went, he gave up digging more and alerted all his villagers who later built a temple on the same location. It is a must-visit pilgrimage site, one must take time to visit and seek the blessings of the Lord.

Swayambhu Shiva Temple




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